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The Impact of Power Quality on Smart Metering System

Pavol Belány
Power electrical systems, University of Zilina

Filip Suško
Power electrical systems, University of Žilina

Andrej Bolf
Power electrical systems, University of Žilina

Michal Repák
Power electrical systems, University of Žilina

Alena Otčenášová
Power electrical systems, University of Žilina

Merek Roch
Power electrical systems, University of Žilina

     Last modified: 2017-06-26

One the present, the trend of implement a new measurement systems for energy consuption metering. This trend is given by EU legislative proposals. The distribution networks are forced to implement in practise Smart metering systems and this plan to be achieved by 2020. Smart meters should after application to allow distribution network to track demands and also check operating conditions. The main question in appling remains economic return, for example in terms of accuracy energy consuption measurement by end user and maximizing the utilization of functions of inteligent metering systems. These systems depending to functionality, can evaluate the energy consuption and also Power Quality problems according to STN EN 50160 standard.
Nowadays, the power quality is one of important factor with affect to operation amount of the electrical equipments. Besides the impact to electrical equipments, power quality may adversely affect the measurement system itself. Due to impact of reduced power quality, can to occur data processing mistakes of the measuring systems.
For these reasons, it’s necessary to verify the adverse affects to Smart metering systems and based on that determine whether this system can reliably evaluate energy consumption and record to reduced power quality parameters.


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