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*Richard Baleja
VŠB TU Ostrava

Karel Sokanský
VŠB TU Ostrava

Tomáš Novák
VŠB TU Ostrava

Petr Bos
VŠB TU Ostrava

     Last modified: 2017-06-26

This paper deals with the public lighting on roads. The lighting on the roads is a specific case of lighting systems, where an observer is located in an area with relatively low adaptation luminance. That means, that the human eye don´t assess the lighting parameters of road lighting according to photopic curve of human eye sensitivity as it does during the daylight, but it uses for this assessment a sensitivity curve, which is located in mesopic sensitivity of the human eye. The maximum sensitivity of the curve depends on the size of the adaptation luminance, in which the observer is located. To compare the differences between the values of photopic and mesopic light parameters were realized several measurements of roads lighting. For measurements were selected roads with different light levels and adaptation luminance background as well as different light sources which have different correlated color temperature. Light parameters on the measured roads were evaluated in terms of the luminance of the background for mesopic sensitivity.
Within researching the changes in the sensitivity of the visual organ during the transition from photopic to mesopic vision, it is necessary to point out that this is a peripheral region of the visual organ. The central region of the eye (fovea) has to be excluded from changes researching, because in this region are located only photopic photoreceptors (cones).

The article points out that lighting systems implemented with LED have significantly lower power consumption compared to lighting systems fitted with high-pressure sodium lamps. Since there are requests to further reduction of luminance (electric input) of the public lighting systems based on the usage of mesopic units, it is necessary to highlight the fact that the mesopic region prefers LED luminaires to high-pressure sodium lamps only in the peripheral region. Therefore we cannot realize public lighting with LED for lower than regulatory requirements.


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