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Experimental investigation based on analyzation of electric current-voltage characteristics on Pasan-flasher flashlight irradiated photovoltaic cells aged by various processes

Ervin Racz Dr.
Power System Department, Obuda University, Kandó Kálmán Facu

Balazs Horompoli
Power System Department, Obuda University, Kandó Kálmán Faculty of Electrical Engineering

Andrea Varga
Power System Department, Obuda University, Kandó Kálmán Faculty of Electrical Engineering

Erik Rene Neuchel
Institut für Energie- und Antriebstechnik, Hochschule Ulm

     Last modified: 2017-05-09

Nowadays, solar panels are rapidly developed by various developers. Thanks to their developments, many types of photovoltaic panels with different material structures with better and better electrical efficiency are and will be available for the users. In the case of the outdoors installed solar modules one of the important parameters is the durability. In other words, installed photovoltaic structures are exposed to extreme weather conditions such as rain, acid rain, ozone, extreme sunshine, warming or overwarming effects, extreme cold weather…etc. From the solar panel point of view it is important to know that, how these extreme weather conditions can affect the operation or main electrical parameters of the photovoltaic module.
Modelling of the most important weather conditions mentioned above, some identical photovoltaic cells with nominal voltage of 0.5 V and nominal current of 400 mA have been artificially aged by acid rain, ozone, warm and cold temperature using direct special experimental chambers. One cell was aged by one mentioned weather effect only. These artificially but differently aged solar cells have been irradiated by a professional Pasan-flasher flashlight system. During the irradiation, electric current-voltage characteristics of the photovoltaic cells have been measured and recorded experimentally. Analyzing the saved measured electric current-voltage curves conclusions could be drawn regarding to the type of aging. Differently aged PV cells show different electric current-voltage characteristics. In the publication, influence of the different aging processes to the electrical parameters of the investigated solar cells will be shown.


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