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Investigation of photovoltaic panel losses using computer simulations

Andrea Varga
Óbuda University

Ervin Rácz
Óbuda University

Péter Kádár
Óbuda University

     Last modified: 2017-06-16

Abstract — Nowadays, when we talk about energy generation, we must count with green energy as well. Photovoltaic panels play important role in this sector. Solar panels can be investigated in given time periods at the place where they are installed. Besides, pre-calculations or pre-designing of the solar systems have more and more important role. With the simulation of the photovoltaic panels a flexible environment can be created, in which any types of solar panels can be tested. This way not only the magnitude of the averaged energy generation can be given, but any effects of losses in the given system can also be tested. In the publication, a method how to find the losses of a real, working solar panel is introduced. Parts of the method are an experiment and a simulation technique connected to each other. Investigation of any effects of the losses in the use of PV panels is one of the most important points in the thesis of our Ph.D. student.

Keywords: efficiency loss; solar panel; simulation; experiment; electric current-voltage characteristics


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