Event under the auspices of the Ministry of Economy of Slovak Republic

Modification of Pull-Force Characteristics of Lever Magnet

Petr Kačor
Department of Electrical Power Engineering, VSB-TU Ostrava

Petr Bernat
Department of Electrical Power Engineering, VSB-TU Ostrava

Zdeněk Hytka
Department of Electrical Power Engineering, VSB-TU Ostrava

Tomáš Pavelek
Department of Electronics, VSB-TU Ostrava

     Last modified: 2017-06-30

Lever magnets, often defined like magnets with variable reluctance or open C-frame magnets, belong to significant components of automation system. Their acting force is based on the force generated upon convenient curvature of flux lines within the magnetic field gained through specific geometrical layout of the magnetic circuit. Their main advantages include a relatively high value of force at the initial position of armature, especially with the noiseless operation that determines such magnets for utilization in automation systems, electric-pneumatic circuits as well as in electric-pneumatic controls with noise-less condition.
Our paper presents one of the possibilities how to change output acting force of lever magnets by using of permanent magnet in magnetic circuit. Comparison of output results are made by the real measurement and numerical simulation of usual design of lever magnet.


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