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Application of Thermodiagnostics and Numerical Models in Research of Energy Supply Units Using Hydrogen Technologies

Petr Moldrik
VŠB - TU Ostrava , Czech Republic

Petr Kacor

Daniel Minarik

Michal Ney

     Last modified: 2017-04-30

This paper deals with utilisation of thermography for diagnostics of hydrogen fuel cells fitted with a proton exchange membrane, combined with photovoltaic panels to form a hybrid power system for storage of solar power into chemical energy in hydrogen with its subsequent conversion into electric power. Measurements taken using a thermal camera are used to identify distribution of the heat field over the stack of hydrogen fuel cells and any spots with insufficient cooling or even overheating of the
stack. The cause of this phenomenon, certainly not desired for regular operation, is then disclosed using computer simulation employing a numerical model in the Ansys CFX program. The results obtained through measurement and PC simulations are processed to suggest a suitable solution to enable a more effective and safer operation of the stack of hydrogen fuel cells subject to research within the hybrid power system.


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