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The improvement of intertie transient stability on the basis of wide area measurement system

Alexey Nedolivko
Institute of Energy and Transport Systems, Department of Ele

Elizaveta Nesgovorova
Institute of Energy and Transport Systems, Department of Electrical Power Systems and Networks Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University

Andrey Belyaev
Institute of Energy and Transport Systems, Department of Electrical Power Systems and Networks Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University

     Last modified: 2017-04-19

Transient stability enhancement is an important issue for all large power systems in the world especially in case of widespread blackouts. In order to increase transient stability level, various technical devices and methods are developed in electrical power system such as wide area control system (WACS). The method of transient stability level assessment on the basis of equal acceleration area calculations, similar to D-decomposition in small-signal stability analysis, is proposed and used for finding optimal settings of excitation and governing control with additional signals from wide area measurement system (WAMS) in 330 kV Kola-Karelian intertie model.

At the moment wide area measurement systems are extensively used in power industry in many countries of the world. The experience of its use has allowed to identify the main areas of application, such as verification and validation of digital models of power system, monitoring voltages, analysis of the accidents occurred etc.
So far, application of these variables (phasors and mutual angles) in control systems was a difficult technical problem. This was due mainly to the imprecision of measurements of these parameters, the unreliability of used telemetering channels because of increased overloading by other necessary information as well as induced electromagnetic interference. Through synchronous measurements in WAMS today it is possible to use these parameters for transient control, as the most informative.
The main concern of the paper is verification of additional excitation and frequency control appliance at the nearest power plants by WAMS data for increasing the level of intertie small signal and transient stability.
With that the following problems are solved:
• research in practicability of adoption and choice of setup variables of inherent feedback by mutual angle and its derivatives in control systems of equivalent generators in test electric power system (EPS) on the basis of joint calculations of D-decomposition spaces and state variable matrix eigenvalues;
• investigation of influence of new mutual parameter feedbacks on test EPS model transient stability by numerical calculations and equal area criterion;
• verification of received control algorithm on the example of simplified model of 330 kV transmission line Kola nuclear power plant – Karelian power system – Kirishi state district power plant (SDPP).

Advantages of additional excitation and power control based on WAMS data has been proved on basis of small signal and transient stability calculation for simplified model of the 330 kV interconnection Kola NPP – Karelian electric power system – Kirishi SDPP.
Method of equal acceleration area construction is elaborated for arbitrary parameters of control systems and EPS configuration, allowing to choose optimal feedback settings on mutual angle and its derivatives in the context of transient stability.
It is demonstrated that maximum value of small signal stability index can only be obtained by applying traditional local parameters without using WAMS data. However, introduction of additional control by mutual parameters allows to increase the level of transient stability twice.
Thus, application of WAMS data generator control using GPS/GLONASS system for synchronization is technically realizable technology to increase the transient stability of high and extra-high voltage interconnections.


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