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Dynamic model of the turbomachinery in the Czech nuclear power plant Temelín in the software Dymola and following verification.

Aleš Hromádka

Martin Sirový

Zbyněk Martínek

     Last modified: 2017-06-10

The purpose of the research
The paper will concern the comprehensive dynamic model of the turbomachinery in the Czech nuclear power plant Temelín. The model will be created in the software Dymola. The model will work with variable parameters (e.g. pressures enthalpies or mass flows). Main requirement of the model is suitable usage in range of the nuclear reactor i.e. from 20% to 107% of the nominal reactor performance.
The principal results and accomplishments and their significance.
Main objective of the paper will be verification of the model for real thermodynamic parameters, which will be gained from database in the software Microsoft Access. The database gives enough information about described states. The verification will be performed on two dynamic states i.e. start-up of the power plant and performance drop during shutting down of the power plant. The model will give an opportunity for investigation of some unpredictable states during operation in the power plant and following optimization.
The major conclusions
The results of the verifications will be mentioned in the conclusion and will be compared with real values of electrical power on terminals of the generator from the database. Another information will be resultant accuracy of the model and determination of ambient condition. All determined values will be shown in figures at the end of the paper.


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