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Reliability research of typical Hungarian HV substations

Zsolt Mitrik
Óbuda University

     Last modified: 2017-06-19

The substations represent the interconnection points of HV system where the reliability is highly important. The substation interconnection points have central role in the energy transfer; accordingly even a smaller malfunction may cause major disruption in the energy transfer system. The weighting of the importance of a substation (in case of malfunction, the measure of the stopped network) is analysed based on empirical data.
The article describes and reviews the reliability of the typical substation connection diagrams – applied also in Hungary – based on the theory developed by Prof. Dr. Nepomnyashchii V.A. The main relevance of the article is the comparison of the reliability of different substation connection diagrams. The reliability of the different types is ranked based on the received results assisting in the future choice of the substation type depending on the disposition within the system/network.

Key Words: HV substation, reliability, applied Network Science, Fuzzy-method


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