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István Szén
Power System Department, Kálmán Kandó Faculty of Electrical

     Last modified: 2017-05-09

Abstract: Today the sustainable energy is a hot scientific topic but if we examine the indicators of the world’s energy we will find that globally is still dominated the fossil fuels so it is totally unsustainable furthermore there are also considerable problems of social and economic levels that are related to energy supply.

In the 21. century one of the most important questions are global warming, CO2 emission and the security of energy supply. Because of the increasing levels of greenhouse gas emission and the rising global energy demand new technologies for the generation of environmentally friendly are needed.

Renewable energy sources have a great potential, but their utilization is difficult due to their energy fluctuations and their stochastic - weather dependent - operation. We need a secondary energy sources that we can use as energy storage or we can use direct energy source. Of course, we consider it important to protect the environment and global access to energy sources.

Maybe the hydrogen will be the future determinative energy source?

In my paper, I analyse the current state of the hydrogen energy, future prospects, and I will introduce our research model and our research plan.


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