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A new method of energy calculation through time integration of a vehicle momentary output using a model in matlab - simulink.

Maroš Ďurica
PhD student at the Department of Electrical Engineering, Fac

Jiří Cigánek
PhD student at the Department of Electrical Engineering, Fac

Stanislav Zajazcek
Assistant professor at the Department of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, VŠB – Technical university of Ostrava, 17. listopadu 15, 708 33 Ostrava - Poruba, Czech Republic.

     Last modified: 2017-06-26

Energy calculations in the electric traction are of a cardinal importance for a preliminary economic evaluation of passenger and material transport, with a possibility of an optimal configuration of a traction vehicle loading for a given track. Another field of the use is development and production of new traction vehicles where the electrical energy consumption during the run can be reduced through a modification of the aerodynamic shape or a change of a drive type while maintaining the output. The aim of our research is an optimization of a calculation of tramway vehicle electrical energy consumption through a design of a model of a simplified connection of a vehicle and a feed array in the Matlab – Simulink environment. The entry data of the vehicle speed and traction power are arranged in matrices in Workspace in Matlab and used for gradual reading up of the model entry parameters in the Simulink environment. After starting the simulation, the data of the model feed array current and voltage is stored according to a chosen time step in a form of matrices and is used for a later graphic display of the energy calculation or for a verification of the model with corresponding measured values.


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