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Comparison of pseudo-random white noise generators planned as signal source for broadband analysis of transformer winding impedance

*Łukasz Fuśnik
Department of Electrical and Power Engineering, AGH Universi

Paweł Zydroń
Department of Electrical and Power Engineering, AGH University of Science and Technology, Krakow, Poland

Maciej Kuniewski
Department of Electrical and Power Engineering, AGH University of Science and Technology, Krakow, Poland

     Last modified: 2017-06-17

One of the methods for diagnostic and assessment of the power transformers state is the measurement and analysis of broadband impedance/admittance characteristics of the windings. Such tests are realised by Frequency Response Analysis (FRA) measurements, usually Swept Frequency Method (SFM) or Low Voltage Impulse method (LVI). However, other broadband signals may also be used for the identification of the broadband frequency characteristics. Theoretically, one of the signals that can be used to identify the transfer function parameters of tested circuits and systems is random wideband signal – white noise. The report presents the results of the analysis of the signal properties of several pseudo-random white noise generators to evaluate their suitability in this type of study of transformers windings. The basic parameters of the voltage signals generated by them, important from the point of view of this diagnostic method, are compared. The influence of these parameters on the potential application of this type of stimulus for the study of transformer windings characteristics is analyzed. The report presents and analyzes the results of preliminary tests on the transformer windings, using low-voltage pseudo-random white noise signals.


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