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The shielding effectiveness measuring of brick wall for different material thickness

Marek Pavlik
Technical University of Košice - Department of Electric Powe

Ján Zbojovský
Technical University of Košice - Department of Electric Power Engineering

     Last modified: 2017-06-16

The quantity of the electromagnetic field is increased. This trend is likely to continue. The number of mobile phone users has increased exponentially recently and it has become an important device in human daily life. The many studies are focused on the impact of mobile devices and Wireless sources to human health. However, problem is that also in the current studies, long-term mobile phone and Wireless internet users have had hardly more than 10 years of regular use of mobile phones.
Quality shielding materials are determined by shielding effectiveness.
The aim of the research is to measure the shielding characteristics of the material. This paper describes measuring of shielding effectiveness for frequency range from 1 GHz to 6GHz. In this range are include mobile frequencies and Wi-Fi frequencies which are current used. Measuring of shielding effectiveness was performed for brick material. In this paper the measuring was performed for brick wall with different thickness for comparison. From the results is possible to compare the shielding effectiveness of material for different material thickness and change shielding effectiveness trend also.


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