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The Deviation of Optimization Calculations of the HPP in cascade while is not considered the Hydraulic Connections

Anatolijs Mahnitko
Riga Technical University, Professor

Tatjana Lomane
Riga Technical University, Professor

Janis Gerhards Gerhards
Riga Technical University, Professor

Renata Varfolomejeva
Riga Technical University, Senior Researcher

     Last modified: 2017-06-19

Modern hydropower, in comparison with other types of electric power is the most economical and environmentally safe way of generating electricity The apparent advantage of HPPs is their steady and stable operation in the energy system, regardless of the time of day. Latvia, among the Baltic States, is the leader in the production of 'green' energy because The basis of its energy is a cascade of three hydroelectric power stations (HPP) on the Daugava River. This circumstance makes the topical question of the management effectiveness for the operation modes of this HPPs cascade, given its direct participation in electricity trade at Nord Pool. In the present article, the questions of the this cascade hydroelectric power stations reservoirs initial characteristics influence on the electricity produced by them volume determination and providing the maximum profit with the participation in the electricity market are considered. The modeling the operation mode of the HES cascade containing three HPPs on the Daugava River in Latvia was carried out on the basis of the initial data on the characteristics and parameters of the HPP reservoirs, known from official information sources. Calculations were made taking into account the variation of these characteristics, when determining the modes of the HPP cascade by statistical tests method. As a result of research for the HPP cascade operation modes, the optimum operation modes of the three HPPs of the cascade were obtained with different water reserves in the reservoirs at the start of the station start-up. The analysis of the results showed that taking into account the hydraulic connections between hydroelectric power plants complicates the calculation of the cascade regime, but does not always significantly affect the final result.


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